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Vilnius GameDev Talks

2023/11/23 @ 18:30 - 22:00

​We all have a passion for games, but there’s so much more than just playing. It’s a vast journey that goes through various stages before a game reaches our screens.

At our meet-up, we’ll be discussing:

  • Game Design. ‘Becoming a Good Feature Owner’ by Katerina Shtirts, Lead Game Designer at Belka Games
  • Analytics. ‘Product x analytics collaboration for backlog prioritization’ by Nikita Shustikov, ex-Director of Product at Socialpoint
  • Ad Creatives. ‘Benefits of Systematic Creative Production’ by Andrey Selin, Senior Creative Producer at Rovio

​Whether you’re an aspiring game developer, a marketer, or just someone who loves games, this meet-up is tailored just for you.

And guess what? We’ve got you covered with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks to keep the conversations flowing and the spirits high!

Hosted by Belka Games with the invaluable support of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association.

Entry is FREE! Spaces are limited, so if you’re as enthusiastic about games as we are, grab your pass now.


18:30 - 22:00
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Talent Garden Vilnius
Vilniaus 33
Vilnius, Lietuva
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