How the support is used

Lithuanian Game Developers Association is a non-profit non-governmental organization, to which you can allocate part of your income tax (1,2%), which is used for association activities. For the year 2022 we received 2700 EUR of such income tax support.

Your allocated support will help strengthen the association’s activities and international cooperation.

How to allocate 1,2 % support

You can allocate the support by logging into the Electronic declaration system and filling the form FR0512 v.5.

The application can be submitted until May 2. 

How to fill the form FR0512

1. Login to electronic declaration system (EDS) through your bank or electronic signature.

Use the Lithuanian version of the page for the initial steps (EN version doesn’t allow to start a new form, hopefully will be fixed)




3. Since 2022, the declaration process is simplified and uses a wizard (which also works in English).
Depending on your earlier declarations, on starting page you’ll see the options to whom you can allocate the support. It can be dedicated to three types of organizations, each having its dedicated percentage (not competing among themselves): beneficiaries, political parties and trade unions.

4. When adding a new beneficiary, you will find our association by typing into search field “Lietuvos žaidimų kūrėjų asociacija”

You can also dedicate part of the tax to other organizations. Press  “Add new record” and you’ll be able to allocate the parts to a political party or trade union (for example, Lietuvos švietimo darbuotojų profesinė sąjunga)


5. Confirm the beneficiaries of your support


6. Press “Form a request”, to create the support request


7. Submit the request
8. On behalf of Lithuanian gamedev community, THANK YOU!